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Most folks have no idea how much of an impact the right mattress can have on their lives. At Sit & Sleep Savannah Mattress, it is our mission to get you the best night’s sleep at a price you can afford. Unlike most of our competitors, we build our business by word of mouth. We keep our overhead down and our prices low.  We have exceptional service that you will only find with a local family owned business.  That’s what makes us the only choice for your next Savannah mattress.  Our team is highly trained with years of experience in the bedding industry. We carry all of the top brands like Tempur-Pedic, Serta, King Koil, and Simmons Beautyrest.

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Shopping for a new mattress can be a challenge.  Things have probably changed quite a bit since the last time you needed one.  There are a lot of choices and misinformation out there.  Should you buy a foam mattress or a coil mattress?  What does gel do?  How about these beds with air pumps and numbers?  Should I get a king or a queen?  What are the differences in sizes? Do I really need to get a new bed every eight years?  How do the warranties work?  What do they cover?  What about these cool mattresses?  These are a few of the questions that you will be faced with as you walk into a mattress showroom.  Choosing the right retailer can make this much easier.  At Sit & Sleep Savannah Mattress, you will have access to honest information in a no-pressure environment. 

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Sit & Sleep Savannah Mattress – Some Mattress Basics:

There are several basic categories that mattresses fall into. The two main groups are coil and coil-free.  Coil mattresses have wire innerspring units at their core.  They are best suited to the customer that wants a traditional “bounce” to their mattress.  They are typically broken into the three subcategories of firm, soft, and pillowtop.  The pillowtop consists of an additional tuft on the top varying in thickness from one to six inches.  Coil mattresses are typically less expensive than their coil-free counterparts, but a general rule of thumb is that they aren’t as resilient.  Sit & Sleep Savannah Mattress offers a wide variety of coil mattresses from Beautyrest, Serta, and Spring Air.

Coil free mattresses are made entirely of foam.  Typically they are constructed of a more solid core foam. This supports the majority of the weight.  A softer contouring foam is on the surface.  By varying these layers, the manufacturers can achieve different comfort and support levels.  In recent years, special attention has been paid to cooling the mattresses.  They use special foams, gels, and fabrics to keep you cool. Air chambers also eliminate the heat buildup associated with early coil free products.  Over the years, we have observed the fact that the premium coil-free products are typically more resilient than their tradition coiled counterpart.

We pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service during and after the sale. Don’t take our word on that, click on the testimonials page. We have over 600 pieces of bedding in stock at our local warehouse warehouse, and our professional delivery staff operates six days a week.  Same day delivery is available. We think that you will agree that Sit & Sleep Mattress is the place to get your next Savannah mattress.  Click one of the brands above to learn more.


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Adjustable Bases:

An adjustable base is a motorized platform that takes the place of a box spring.  They look just like a box spring and most folks don’t notice that anything is different until they are activated.  Today’s adjustable bases have come a long way since the old “hospital beds” of the past.  They now offer features like wireless remotes, under-bed lighting, charging ports on the sides for all of your mobile devices, back and leg vibrators, lumbar support, and even built in speakers.  Some can even be controlled with any Bluetooth connected mobile device.  We show and stock all of the current adjustable bases that can be added to just about any mattress set.